Power is the basis of Sumou. It is what Sumou is all about.

Sumou originated as a Trial of Power, therefore the purpose of doing Sumou is accumulating Power and then you must Prove Yourself by fighting purely on Power.

What this means is that Winning in Sumou must be achieved via Power Sumou. It is not enough to Win, you must win via superior Power.

In itself Winning is expected, thus there is no inherent Value just in the fact that one has won. The Value comes from Power. When you Win via superior Power that's what has Meaning in Sumou.

What is Power?

Power is a combination of Strength and Speed.

Combining these two elemnts of physical performance gives Power.

A Rikishi may be dominant in Shoubu via superior Strength, or he may be dominant via Speed.

However a combination of Strength and Speed brings about Power, which gives you superior physical performance.

Power is the key to understanding why a smaller opponent does not have a problem defeating a bigger one.

If they would fight purely on Strength, the bigger one would have no problems Winning. Conversely, if they would fight only on Speed, the smaller one would Win. However in true Sumou the one possessing superior Power will dominate.

Power is forged through Keiko. All aspects of Keiko are focused on developing superior Power.