2013-09-04-150459 MSK (Wednesday) Updated kxkb keyboard, an efficient and effective keyboard layout, better than Dvorak
2013-08-30-223626 MSK (Friday) Added kxkb keyboard, an efficient and effective keyboard layout, better than Dvorak
2013-08-21-100407 UTC (Wednesday) Added Change first day of week in Gnome Calendar in Ubuntu
2012-02-07-131343 MSK (火曜日) Added Good No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker books
2012-02-07-131329 MSK (火曜日) Added Poker tips
2012-02-07-130924 MSK (火曜日) Added Good books on LISP Programming
2012-02-07-130905 MSK (火曜日) Added LISP tips
2012-02-07-130413 MSK (火曜日) Added How to ssh into an Android phone over USB
2011-10-14-205111 MSK (金曜日) Added 相撲外:Installing Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) on MacBook Pro 5,2
2010-08-14-115900 Added 相撲外:Solving the error: `undefined reference to libiconv'
2010-06-02-230222 Updated 相撲外:Transfer files to HCoop via AFS
2010-06-02-224800 Added 相撲外:Extracting audio from a video file
2010-05-21-174444 Updated 相撲外:Burning CDs and DVDs from the command line to reflect wodim replacing cdrecord
2010-05-14-213600 Added 相撲外:Switching Ctrl and Alt keys in Gnome
2010-05-11-164444 Added 相撲外:Using locales on Nokia N900
2010-04-28-214121 Added 相撲外:Setup OpenAFS access to HCoop in Gentoo
2010-04-26-110000 Added 相撲外:Solving network not working in scratchbox
2010-04-25-121700 Added 相撲外:Amazing gravity game - Slingshot - for the Nokia N900
2010-04-25-081624 Added 相撲外:Compiling ghostscript so that gv doesn't fail
2010-04-23-224333 Addded 相撲外:Installing Gentoo on MacBook Pro 5,2
2010-04-23-223344 Added 相撲外:Opening GnuPG files in GNU Emacs on Gentoo
2010-04-05-183333 Added bbdb-nokia-n900.el v 0.3 to 相撲外:Make phonecalls and send SMSes from GNU Emacs
2010-03-25-144555 Added 相撲外:Fixing the error: crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory
2010-03-21-162111 Updated 相撲外:Disabling the FM transmitter beep
2010-03-19-202020 Added 相撲外:Run any app fullscreen on Nokia N900
2010-03-19-201200 Added 相撲外:Run GNU Emacs fullscreen on Nokia N900
2010-03-16-170600 Added 相撲外:Make phonecalls and send SMSes from GNU Emacs
2010-03-16-153111 Added 相撲外:Using the same .emacs file on a PC and Nokia N900 GNU mobile phone
2010-03-13-054700 Added 相撲外:Disabling the FM transmitter beep
2010-03-12-073000 Added 相撲外:Solving relaying denied error with SMTP mail sending from hcoop.net
2010-03-07-234700 Added 相撲外:Download from rapidshare with wget
2010-03-07-184333 Added 相撲外:mc for GNU Emacs
2010-01-29-214200 Added 相撲外:Disable audible bell in Ubuntu Karmic Koala
2010-01-07-202224 Updated 相撲外:SSH and SFTP automatic authentication
2010-01-04-184444 Added 相撲外:Open URLs from GNU Emacs in Conkeror in a new buffer
2009-12-21-035222 Added 相撲外:Hide the bottom bar in osso-xterm
2009-12-19-071829 Updated 相撲外:Sending SMSes from GNU Emacs with new version of elisp file
2009-12-19-042222 Added 相撲外:Record screencasts on Nokia N900
2009-12-17-124111 Added 相撲外:Merge multiple tiff files into one in GNU
2009-12-15-153636 Updated 相撲外:Use dvorak keyboard on Nokia N900
2009-12-15-151515 Updated 相撲外:GNU Emacs for Nokia N900
2009-12-15-090100 Added 相撲外:Maximize GNU Emacs properly on Nokia N900
2009-12-15-060810 Added 相撲外:Sending SMSes from BBDB
2009-12-15-054000 Added 相撲外:Sending SMSes from GNU Emacs
2009-12-15-045222 Added 相撲外:Full Chinese Japanese Korean (CJK) input on Nokia N900
2009-12-15-045000 Added 相撲外:GNU Tar for Nokia N900
2009-12-15-042444 Added 相撲外:XZ Utils for Nokia N900
2009-12-15-010101 Added 相撲外:Entering CJK text in GNU Emacs
2009-12-14-193333 Added 相撲外:GNU Emacs for Nokia N900
2009-12-14-131313 Added 相撲外:Mount the full Nokia N900 filesystem on a PC
2009-12-14-125500 Added 相撲外:Install sshfs on the Nokia N900
2009-12-14-124500 Added 相撲外:Enable extras-devel repository on the Nokia N900
2009-12-13-012000 Added 相撲外:Copy encrypted DVDs in GNU
2009-12-05-194000 Added 相撲外:Transfer files to HCoop via AFS
2009-12-05-193000 Added 相撲外:Use dvorak keyboard on Nokia N900
2009-12-03-010101 Added 相撲外:Setting up diamondcard.us SIP on Nokia N900
2009-11-30-054800 Added 相撲外:Flashing Nokia N900
2009-11-30-001333 Added 相撲外:Repartition the Nokia N900
2009-11-29-213939 Added 相撲外:Ctr shortcut when RET not available
2009-11-23-032222 Added 相撲外:Change root directory for website on hcoop.net
2009-11-22-2012 Added 相撲外:Disabling directory listing on hcoop.net
2009-11-22 5:39 PM Added 相撲外:Alternate between local and web publishing in GNU Emacs Muse
2009-11-22 1:48 PM Added 相撲外:GNU Emacs charmap
2009-11-15 10:45 PM Added 相撲外:Solving the "Linux: can't open /dev/dsp" error when trying to use festival
2009-11-14 00:00 AM Switched this site to a GNU Emacs / Muse based website, from the original PHP / MySQL based website