Welcome to Sumoudou. I am putting these pages together with what I know and think of Sumoudou.

Sumoudou is what actually has Meaning in SumouSumoudou is to me the Way to surpass yourself and is the philosophy of Sumou,otherwise merely a Sport.

Why Sumoudou and Sumou? Why isn't it spelled Sumo?.

I think Sumou is the ultimate way towards discovering the meaning of life. It can teach you what it really means to overcome yourself, your own weaknesses, and rise, become higher and grow.

I invite you to partake in the discovering of Sumou with me. Who am I?.

Read at your leisure. Sumou is not only a Way, it is also a Sport. A combat Sport, one that is judged to be several thousand years old, thus the oldest Sport on our planet.

It is however more than a Sport. It is a practical embodiment of philosophical ideas, relating to how one should conduct his life. This is expressed in Sumoudou - the Way of Sumou.

The basis of Sumou is Keiko - Sumou practice.

The official Sumou Rules.

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